Visual artist
working in public and
private spaces with 
letter performance,
and textile

Reisestickerei - Embroidery of a journey


The Reisestickerei / Embroderies of a Journey are embroideries done during a trip. The gesture is identical to the act of fixing notes through writing or sketching, yet here, the tool used is the embroidery.

The Reisestickerei follow a movement: traveling the distance between point A and point B - bei it by train, ferry or on foot. And along the way, to collect impressions and embroider observations.

During a journey the body is in constant movement, the mind is unrestricted and the hand is free. Experiences are fugitive, they produce wonder and astonishment. As the eye captures arbitrarily, the hand fixes through embroidery. There is a transformation of a movement into a form of writing.

Sewing thread and yarn on cotton
2000 - ongoing
Locations: Amazon river, Brasil - overnight train Vienna-Berlin - Warnemünde beaches - Uckermark - Rostock -  Lindabrunn NÖ - Botanischer Garten Linz OÖ
With kind support of Belleza y Felicidad Buenos Aires, das weisse haus Vienna, Schleswig-Holstein-Haus Rostock, Symposion Lindabrunn NÖ, UM Festival, HOCHsitz Schmuck 2

Photography: Cécile Belmont

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