Visual artist
working in public and
private spaces with 
letter performance,
and textile

Paris 11

Paris 11

Paris 11 is part of „Social Housing & Contemporary Art“ where four artists were invited to work in social housing buildings in the 11th district of Paris.

Over one month I immersed myself in a building in Rue Saint-Maur. Designed by the architect Olivier Gahinet, this building is known for its peculiar architecture „à  la Mondrian“. It reflects the compact urban nature of the city of Paris: with a width of just 5 meters and contains only 5 apartments. Fourteen tenants are living there in harmony.

The Letter Performance was carried out by the inhabitants of the building. They employed words drawn from observations and previous writing workshops.
The performance took place in the garden located behind the building. Enclosed within three high walls, this garden is invisible from the street. Only the residents see it from their windows. This creates a link between them. The garden may be not so wellmaintained but marks a subtle presence of nature. Somewhat bare, it becomes a surface of projection and imagination.

Paris 11, France 
In the framework of Ouverture - Social Housing & Contemporary Art
Commissioned by Ville de Paris, Mairie du 11ème arrondissement

With kind support of the social housing landlord Elogie-SIEMP
Photography: Cécile Belmont

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