Visual artist
working in public and
private spaces with 
letter performance,
and textile


Grande-Synthe, based on the encounter with inhabitants of the city of Grande-Synthe, interrogates our relationship with the place where we live.

Grande-Synthe is a town of 20.000 inhabitants in the very north of France. Originally a coastal village, Grande-Synthe was entirely destroyed in 1944. In the 60’s, the city experienced a very strong growth due to steel industry, a now declining sector. Formed by successive urban policies (ZUP: Zone à Urbaniser en Priorité, ZAC: Zone d‘Aménagement Concertée, DSQ: Développement Social des Quartiers, …), Grande-Synthe recently became Capital of Biodiversity.

The research with the inhabitants of Grande-Synthe developed during workshops based on collective writing and observation. During these workshops, the multiple and contrasted aspects of the relationship of the ‘Grand-Synthois’ to their own town were explored together. Words and sentences appeared which express their memories, attachments and doubts.

Grande-Synthe, France
Commissioned by Ville de Grande-Synthe
Edition of posters for public space and postcards
Photography: Cécile Belmont, Mélanie Niemierz, Patrick Quétel, Pierre Volot

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