Visual artist
working in public and
private spaces with 
letter performance,
and textile



Come hell or high water
Contre vents et marées
Contra viento y marea
Komme was wolle

The area of Baedari is the historical and cultural center of Incheon, the third largest city of South Korea. It grew around traditional architectures, winding streets, used books stores and popular markets.

The city government planed to destroy much of the area to conduct a „city remodeling plan“: a fast and profitable urban planning without any consultation.
The local residents are convinced that their district should be preserved. It contains the roots of the modern Incheon, the necessary presence of the past to understand the present. The residents mobilized, they acted together. They organized events to bring visibility and invited artists. In doing so, they embody the notion of „cultural activist“.

Incheon, Corea
Commisioned by Space Beam 
Photography: Nick Spratt

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